Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 168/169 - Kingman - Las Vegas / Las Vegas

Distance travelled (by car) 2000 miles

Leaving Kingman we headed north towards Vegas. On the way stopping at the Hoover Dam. 
Having seen pictures of t he dam i had visions of the a huge dam spanning a vast distance. The dam is huge, but the distance not as vast as i thought. Through the difference in height of water either side was huge, that was impressive. The sun was out and the temperature over 100 as we walked over the dam, even with the souring temperatures since the dams construction parts of the concrete in the dam still have not set.
Heading back into Vegas i was dropped at the garage to pick up the bike, as i rode back to the hotel i realised that the next few weeks are going to be very very hot and unpleasant to drive in.
In the evening we went to see cirque du soleil, viva elvis, amazing, really good show. 

the hoover dam

reunited with my bike

cirque du soleil viva elvis

Following morning was a relaxed affair, the last day before i head on my way again. A huge brunch at the Harley Davidson cafe, stroll down the strip and Fremont st, this was followed by the unpleasant job of repacking. This was the first time in 6 months that i had emptied both panniers, trying to fit everything back in became a challenge, eventually i succeeded. Bags packed, route roughly planned bring on tomorrow.

jonathan trying to understand the attraction of slot machines

fremont st

slowly the idea of a motorbike is growing on him!!

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