Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 175 - Roswell - Santa Fe

Distance travelled (by bike): 22,050 miles

The UFO's and conspiracy theories behind me headed up to Santa Fe via Fort Sumner. Using the minor roads  i drove over 60 miles throughout the desert and passed ranches without seeing any other traffic.
The diversion via Fort Sumner was to see the grave of Billy the Kid. The grave stone is surrounded by a cage as its been stolen twice. The family owned Billy the Kid museum was amazing, not for the reason the name suggests, more for the amazing collection of random objects the family have built up over the years. Over 200 different rifles and pistols, 20 different typewriters, 100's of lanterns, the list goes on! 
Back on the road, the bike decided that it had had enough, cutting out 3 times, after letting it cool down, draining the fuel and refilling with different fuel the problem seems to have been sorted for now. 
Arriving at Santa Fe early evening I navigated through the one way streets, the architecture, colours and atmosphere are reminiscent of parts of south and central America.

the long and lonely stretch of road

the graves behind bars

Santa Fe

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