Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 164 - Cataract Canyon - Moab - Cortez

Distance travelled (by car) 775 miles

Last night we opted to leave camp early, after a fantastic breakfast we made our sandwiches for lunch. With the camp demolished and repacked into the rafts in record time, setting off down river to do some hiking in Black Canyon.
Like yesterday the scenery through the canyon was epic. 
This has been the first year that Black Canyon has been accessible to the rafts due to the high water. Pulling up we left the rafts and followed our fearless guides up the canyon to the fabled waterfalls. The journey had us hiking, scrambling, climbing and swimming, a mini adventure. I know its getting repetitive, but the scenery was mind blowing.
After arriving at the waterfall and realising the time, we had to increase the speed on the return journey, let it be said Jonathan is not a gifted climber, but with guidance from Corey he managed to navigate over, round and through the canyon in record time.
Back at the rafts lunch was quickly handed out to eat on route to the end of the journey. Speeding down river we hit lake Powell, here it got really wet, the waves and spray soaking us. Once on dry land we were channelled onto a bus to take us back to Moab. I'd like to say what a pleasure it was to meet the other people who were rafting, a lovely group of people. 
Jumping in the car we left Moab heading to Cortez, arriving at dusk we checked into the hotel and went out to eat. We ate in one of Cortez's micro brewery's, great food and great beer. Calling it a night we returned and collapsed into bed.
This area of the US is stunning, as i was told this is where 'the spectacular is commonplace'. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who is fortunate enough to pass through. For rafting see link below:

view up river before sunrise

my bed with an amazing view

breakfast is served

black canyon

me with corey and Shad (the two guides)

the family with Shad

on the road to cortez

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