Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 166 - Williams / Grand Canyon

Distance travelled (by car) 1420 miles

The Grand Canyon can't be described in words, The sheer scale is unbelievable. 
On the way to the park my mirrors were lit up with flashing lights, after pulling over the officer informed me that i had been speeding (fair point) he promptly issued me with a ticket and a warning about speeding in future and waved us on our way.
We drove to Desert point, the eastern most part of the national park which has a viewing tower on the edge of the canyon. The building looks much like a windmill, the structure was built in 1914 by Mary Colter. 
The landscape is too much to take in and comprehend, the enormity makes it very surreal. 
From the eastern most point of the park we drove 30 miles long the rim to Grand Canyon village. Parking up we set out to do part of the rim walk. Very proud of Jonathan, despite his fear of hieghts he managed to walk along the rim of the canyon, although he never looked down and tried to keep his eyes focused ahead until there was a barrier or railing along the side.
Having walked the rim trail we returned to Williams, proceeding straight to the Grand Canyon Brewing Company. The brewery is connected to Cruisers Bar & Grill. This place is a must if you are ever in the area, what i would call a typical US dinner, good food, drink and fantastic staff. Having tried all the locally brewed beers we headed off to eat, settling on a very confused Irish/Mexican restaurant, certainly made for interesting dining.

been issued my ticket by officer Hurbert

looking into the grand canyon

the viewing tower at desert point

photo's cannot do justice to the epic landscape

the sample beer platter at cruisers

Me & Jonathan with the owner of cruisers

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