Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 172 - Tombstone

Great day sauntering back in time and history in Tombstone. In its heyday Tombstone was larger than San Francisco, with more than $37 million of gold and silver extracted from the mines. Eventually the mines were flooded, the residents left and the town was literally boarded up. The buildings that line Allen st are original, when some of the buildings were pried open years later they found that the previous occupants had left everything and just walked away, some of the Saloons had all the glasses and bottles behind the bar and roulette tables set up.
The town is now a National Historic Landmark.
Being in Tombstone i had to watch the re-enactment of the gunfight at the OK Corral, which is held next to the actual Corral. The actor who plays Wyatt Earp is one of his distance relatives.
The bird cage theatre, named after the cages/booths around the ceiling 'professional' women used to ply their trade, the more popular women had rooms under the theatre. The crystal place Saloon is still as it was in 1882, complete with cowboys at the bar. As you walk down the boardwalks, horses and wagons on the street and cowboys wondering down the street you really get a feel for what life here was once like.

the birdcage theatre 

the stage, everything in the theatre was left when it was boarded up

the cages the around the ceiling

a room of one of the more popular/higher earning ladies

allen street

waiting at the bar

horses outside big nosed kate's saloon

one of the servers at the crystal palace saloon

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