Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 167 - Williams - Kingman (Via London Bridge)

Distance travelled (by car) 1700 miles

The first port of call, 8am, was the court house to pay my speeding fine, all paid up we headed west from Williams along route 66. Along the way we stopped at Seligman, the streets were lined with classic 50's motels and shops.
Still on the 66 we drove through Oatman, an old gold mining town. Stopping for a stroll we encountered the 'wild' donkeys, when the mine shut the donkeys were turned loose and have been living in the mountains around the town ever since. 
Heading south we cruised on until we got to Lake Havasu, now the home of the original London Bridge.  What a surreal sight, Having lived next to London Bridge (in the UK) for nearly 10 years and walked over it countless times to see the original over a river in Arizona in 100 degree heat seemed more like a Disney recreation than the real thing. Having walked over the london bridge to eat on the southbank of the Colorado river we jumped back in the car and headed to Kingman. Billed as a historic town on route 66, Kingman was a huge disappointment, the advertised historic centre was a ghost town, shops bars and restaurants shut or boarded up. Other than the stone used in the construction there was nothing historic about it. 

waiting for the court to open to pay my ticket



fully functional 50's petrol station along route 66


london bridge

surreal sight!

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