Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 152/153 - San Francisco

Distance travelled (by bike): 19,000

Loved San Francisco. Spending two days been a tourist, riding the cable cars, visiting Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge etc. 
Other than the weather, overcast and rain great few days. The city centre is smaller than i first though and really easy to navigate, i even managed to do get the front wheel of the bike off the ground going down one of the streets, not quite Steve McQueen style, but good enough for me! The only slight downside to driving around were all the steep hill starts and stops.
Alcatraz is amazing, closed in 1963 its now part of the Golden Gate National Parks. Once an army fortress, then military prison and finally the maximum security prison. Wandering around seeing how and where the inmates were housed in was fascinating. Fact: Alcatraz was the only prison in the US at the time to have hot showers, the theory was it stopped the inmates acclimatising to the sea.
I think i covered most of the city centre and the sights through walking, motorcycle and cable car, so much going on all the time, architecture and environment are great. I was told that San Francisco is the only city in the US where property prices have not dropped, i can see why!

alcatraz island

shower lines


isolation cells

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