Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 156 - Yosemite National Park - Bishop

Distance travelled (by bike): 19,800

It got very cold last night, for the third time this journey i ended up sleeping wearing all my bike stuff inside the sleeping bag. 
Leaving the park, I backtracked to get to the Segona Pass. The park ranger was right, the scenery was stunning and just got better the further ad higher i drove. The higher i drove the more snow was on the ground, at the top of the pass (9624ft) there was still over 2 metres. The road twisted throughout the journey some of the road gradients were steep, 28%, seeing some of the RV's crawling up and smelling the brake pads on the way down i decided to stay well back and take my time.
As i defended on the sat of the pass I noticed a rise in temperature, this was good! When i stopped in Bishop i spoke to some of the petrol attendants about driving through Death Valley tomorrow, they advised an early start as the average temperature is 43 (109) degrees at the moment.

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