Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 174 - Roswell

Distance travelled (by bike): 21,660 miles

There really isn't much to Roswell, other the than the UFO museum. I thought there would be a lot more to see, I was told that the historic district was worth a look, with a few older houses i felt a little cheated, though it could be that I'm spoilt with the amount of history I've seen and my expectations have been raised. Still, the people around town were really friendly, fully embracing the UFO culture, they didn't look twice at some of the tourist wearing foil hats.
Having exhausted the sights in Roswell i drove out to Bottomless Lake park. The lakes are not bottomless, the deepest is only 90ft. It was given the name due to its greenish blue colour (created by algae and plants at the bottom), which creates the illusion they are bottomless (story 1). It was given its name when over 100 years ago when cowboys herded their cattle the tried to solve the mystery of the lakes, they tried without success to find the bottom by tying rocks to their lariats and dropping them into the lake, they never found then bottom (story 2).
After hiking around the lakes i returned to Roswell, perfect timing, as i parked up a huge sand storm blew through town, followed by lightning!

alien street lights

bottomless lakes

sand storm blowing through

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