Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 151 - San Simeon - San Francisco

Distance travelled (by bike): 18,950

Rain! I rained all night, waking this morning it was still raining. With all the wet weather gear on i left San Simeon driving back to take the diversion to San Francisco. On a nicer day this diversion would have been amazing, i must have passed 30 vineyards, all offering tastings and tours. Unfortunately, it was early and non were open, fortunately non were open or my day could have been cut short by the wine tasting. 
Hideous amounts of rain, some of the worst i have had throughout the whole journey. At one point my visibility was so bad i had to pull over under a bridge and wait for the worst to pass. The wind was howling, a really strong gust knocked my bike of the stand in a petrol station forecourt. In the evening i was told that it was recorded as a storm, and the amount of rain has broken all recorded records for this time of year, and there is more forecast for the next 3 days!
Eventually i arrived at San Francisco, drenched and cold. After warming up i went out to explore, San Francisco is fantastic! Walking around up and down the streets to fisherman's Wharf, sorting out a plan to go see Alcatraz and the rest of the city tomorrow.

stopping for coffee to warm up

not an inviting beach, but some of the surfers were out

entering downtown san francisco 


Pier 39

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