Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 24 - Mendoza

Distance travelled (by bike): 3473 miles

Wine tasting. Setting off after some delays we found the bus, having had to change notes to coins, as coins are the only monies accepted. This we were told could only be done at the bank.  Collapsing on the bus we finally headed out of the city to hire bicycles and sample the local wine. Sun, wine and bikes, perfect day. Would like to tell you i'm now very knowledgable about wine and specialising in Melbac, but what i learn was soon lost due to more wine, sun and exercise.
Returning to Mendoza, still no word from BMW, tried ringing, but they had closed for the evening - suddenly very irritated, without any insight into whats happening with the bike it becomes apparent that no plans can be made until we learn more. I was going to head over to Santiago, but with no word form BMW this has been put on hold - A feast of empinaidas and wine helped curb the disappointment.

just becouse i found it funny!

without question the coolest person in Mendoza

tasting the wine - wrong way round - i know, but internet not good so am making do

 the vines

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