Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 23 - Mendoza

Distance travelled (by bike): 3473 miles

Leaving one hostel for another with better motorbike parking and free wine (as much as you can drink) we weaved through the city cursing the south american love affair with one way streets. On finding the hostel we dump the luggage and headed straight for the BMW dealer, who thanks to a phone call from the garage in Buenos Aires were expecting us. Along with hopefully fixing the problem it was time for the first tyre change. Bike dropped off we were hurtled through the city back to the hostel, by the services manager a demo BMW M3, with speeds touching 90mph, it was evident he enjoyed driving it. Business out the way and shaking off the nausea from the journey, we headed to look around Mendoza, which as most guide books rightly say has a very european feel. After doing the tourist thing and wandering through the city, with the heat raising, we returned to the hostel.
On returning we met a Belgium chap called Tom, (turns out he had been mugged in every city he visited) who insisted he knew one of the hidden terrace bars in Mendoza, he invited us to join him. We did, only to find that his mind had vacated his body some time ago and had no idea what was going on or where he was going. After strolling around for an hour enough was enough, we left him to walk the streets with his head in the clouds and most likely get mugged again.

 - sorry for lack of images, internet playing up

mendoza train station, though there is no track

Plaza Independencia - not pretty

entrance to the park

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