Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 25 - Mendoza

Distance travelled (by bike): 3478 miles

On the phone to BMW at 9am to find they didn't open till 9.30am - phone again at 9.30, told something about 1pm, but what was said was way beyond my grasp of spanish and it became apparent that the woman wasn't going to repeated it. After phoning again we were told the bike is ready, but it needed to be picked up before 1 as the dealer shuts for the weekend then. The time was 12.30. flagging down the nearest taxi we made it to the dealers with minutes to spare. Money payed, bike fixed (hopefully) with new rear tyre, on we go back to the hostel to pack. Pretty uneventful day, washing done, re-packing done and plans made. For the first time this trip we met some british travellers, a group of 4 pretty girls, who although slightly hungover were great banter.

the BMW dealer, who apparently repaired the bike

fountain in the park

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