Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 20 - las Lajas - Bardes Blancas

Distance travelled (by bike): 3248 miles

Left Las Lajas early to try and beat the heat along ruta 40, sadly it was 39 degrees by 11am, we were been cooked alive in our bike gear, nothing else to do but stop for a few hours and rehydrate. Rehydrated we headed back on the road…then the motorbike starts to cut out - am fuming! This happened for about 80km on gravel roads, but along the way we met part of a biker gang. I thought one member  was going to kiss Shane after he said that Argentinians were better than Chileans (we have found them to be much more friendly) but he refrained and simply gave him the biggest hug I have ever seen.  He then invited us to party with them if we ever pass through Cordoba, its a thought.

me loaded up with some of the bikers

Looking at the map and deciding that the dot named Bardes Blancas would be a good place to stop on we stalled. Arriving at the dot, it turned out to be a cluster of 6 houses, very deceptive map. The age old problem of fuel was soon the focus of all attention. Fortunately the local mechanic had two barrels of prime fuel and he was willing to sell some, problem solved. We ended up sleeping in an open fronted barn, complete with ducks and geese, this was in the back of a restaurant, which turned out to be one of the most expensive places to eat and some of the worst food in argentina. Only one thing on the menu…some kind of meat that was battered, fries (which seem to be the staple diet) and a tomato salad, working out at a cool £15 (not including booze).

a common sight

in the bin where we stayed

the stable/barn

ready for bed in the barn

relaxing after the days ride

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