Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 7&8

Have been mooching around Buenos Aires waiting for the bike to be fixed - today it was fixed - so went to pick it up...amazing, on the way i spotted what i though was going to be the highlight of buenos Aires...Holy Land, Jerusalem in Buenos Aires..amazing!! - unfortunately today it was closed, but from looking through the gates i could tell that i really missed one of Buenos Aires more unique sights

shane & i with the Buenos Aires BMW team

outside the holy land

oh yes

holy land

just so you know where you are!

I had arranged to travel south with an New Zealand guy called Shane, he was going to buy a motorbike of another kiwi, unfortunately found out today the bike he was buying was involved in an accident and is no longer ridable, but there is another bike somewhere in patagonia (the person selling was still travelling) so, the only logical thing to do was load up my bike with all our stuff, shane sit on the back and go and search for this bike...setting off early tomorrow.

The only slight issue is the amount of stuff and weight packed on the bike, 2 people and their belongings for a year!!

heading south tomorrow......

- Good luck Rob & Rob, enjoy Africa, Middle East and Europe -

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  1. Thanks for the wishes Joe. Hopefully you have better luck finding fuel. Geeze. Its all that extra weight, right Shane? LOL Hope you got your bike.