Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 18 - Puerto Montt-Meilpeuco

Distance travelled (by bike): 2600

Setting of from Puerto Montt on any other day would have been easy, but with the rain and wind today it was a stubble. Ploughing through the traffic and hitting the open road, relief, the sky ahead is blue! A diversion through Osorno to check out a bike for shane proved to be a blessing in the form of a curse. We reckon the guy selling the bike (who happened to be one of the oracle police), which eventually turned up, must have been high when he advertised it. It most certainly not as pictured, described or priced… scrap would be more of a fitting description. Anyhow while pretty despondent with the indication that buying a decent bike in SA would cost most of Shanes body parts the experience helped him to realise that bike travel might be better left to when he has actually held a real job for some period of time. So it would seem i might have a warm seat and a cuddle buddy on my bike for some time yet…

one of the reasons to visit orsorno

Leaving Osorno and a disappointed policeman we headed north, then  east towards Argentina with another of our famously rash but brilliant decisions. As we ventured into the interior it became evident from the looks we got that not many travellers, never mind gringos, used these roads. Meilpeuco was our destination, on the edge of a national park. Truly stunning scenery as we weaved through the countryside. Arriving at Meilpeuco we found a campsite run by the chief of one of the native tribes, the Mapuche. An amazing place to camp, the chief talked us through the tribes culture, meaning and rituals which was fascinating, he even let us try to play the instruments used in the ceremonies. Down side is that its right next to a river and both shane and i are been eaten alive!!!

somewhere along the road

cows on the road!! - yep i nearly hit one!

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