Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buenos Aires

Making the most of the time in Buenos AIres, seeing the sights, meeting the people and hopefully fixing the bike. Fingers crossed problem solved, am embarking on a 'test drive' today to see if i can get further than 20 miles without the engine cutting out.

as mentioned have been out and about in Buenos Aires...as mentioned by most people i spoke to before i started, tango is a must, so i tried, have to admit that i'm not a natural tango dancer, the teacher did say it took time, so the best thing was to watch the professionals!

When to La Bomba de Tiempo, from what i was told this is on of the institutions in Buenos Aires. It consists of 12 drummers   hammering away, creating a really eclectic mix of sounds, from reggae sound through to a soul and african. the venue was open air courtyard surround by old warehouses, holding about 1000 people. It was an experience, one worth having. 

Hopefully the bike will be sorted by this afternoon, if so then hopping over to uruguay for the day (or two).

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