Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 12 & 13 - A random toll booth - Las Plamas

Day 12

storm still raging…most things dried out overnight, tent pegs etc recovered from the night before. Decided to man up and ride on, its only water and electricity. When riding through the nearest town in search of some petrol we were told the storm had taken out the power for the area…back to the road, taking a slightly different that advertised route, route 25…this had the most amazing side winds (apparently common), really hard riding at a 45 degree angle. If i squinted i could have been in Manitoba or Saskatchewen, incredibly flat and not very interesting. Having had enough of the winds we stopped at a one horse town 'San Antonia Oeste' to find fuel, food and a bed.

taking a break to regain feeling in in legs and bum after riding against the wind

San Antonia Oeste

Day 13

En route to trewlew, shane got a call saying a bike was available on the Chilean border, need to be there in 2 days, no worries, its only 850km across the county, this can be done in 2 days, easy! Not so it seems, finding fuel in Trelew proved a problem, but one that was solved after an hour. setting off we drove west across Argentina, as the fuel light came on we pulled into Las Plamas and located the petrol station, unfortunately the petrol station had no fuel, and hadn't for 3 days - but maybe tomorrow or the following day! - we start asking people to sell us fuel, no takers, but Managed to get a lift on the back of a truck, if the truck would start (which it didn't) as things were really looking down a locals answer to Axel Rose told us he had 5 litre to sell, just follow him to his house. Turns out he was a social worker working with disadvantaged children. The fuel would be enough to get us to the next fuel station…expensive deal done! Deciding it was to late to set off and in need of a drink we went to the local bar. After a drink or two barman suggested we camp in the garden, the bike could stay locked up next door guarded by his prize turkeys.

the never ending road

some of the local police who stopped for a chat

what was soon to be a common sight

camping at the back of the bar

the view from the bar

one of the many shrines along the road

looking for the map!

cooking dinner at the petrol station

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