Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 16 - Chaiten - Puerto Montt.

Distance travelled (by bike): 2200 miles(ish)

Not much to report - Had to be at the ferry ramp for 8.30am, even though the ferry left at 10am. 
the ferry

bike strapped down, the porn king didn't want to be in the photo

When we were loaded and strapping the bike down we met one of the crew who, when he found out i was english, wanted to know all about the UK, turns out he is obsessed with english women (or maybe there reputation abroad) and pornography.

Settled in for a leisurely 7 hour cruise from Chaiten to Puerto Montt. 

On disembarking we had to drive 50km to catch another ferry to Puerto Montt. We heard that there was one ever half hour, and if we hurried we might catch one before dusk…challenge accepted. We made it, easily, just in time to have a chat to the senior policeman about the journey and what we throughout of Chile so far, while is junior did all the work.

not impressed with shane...

shane and the local police

On to the next ferry and into Puerto Montt in time for a late Dinner...

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  1. It's me!! Ciara! (I've hacked into Dan's account, shh, he told me not to). Your blog makes my 12hour shifts go faster Joe :) I love it.
    I want to know more about your Spanish learning...fluent yet? You're obviously getting by. You must've learned 'cerveza', 'comida' y 'chicas' already.
    xxx Ciara