Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 14 - Las Plamas - Esquel

Early start - 6am setting off in search of fuel, after fending off the turkey guarding the motorbike we managed to get back on route to Esquel. As we pulled into next town…de javu… no petrol (one of the old men sitting around watching all the people line up told us it was all politics). 

the line up at the petrol station after 1 hour

After killing 4 hours with countless cups of coffee, in our caffeine induced state an amazing gentleman that could have been Jesus approached us, preforming a miracle before our eyes he produced petrol. He was in fact called Miguel,  having just been to the lake with the family, where he had a speed boat, he happened to have 10 gallons of fuel on his truck...we could have as much as we needed...not a  problem. Syphoning all we wanted, we payed the market price as he wouldn't take anymore, turns out he had a motorbike and could feel our pain!

Further along the road to Esquel we met a German biker called Frank, who was quickly named 'crazy Frank', as he had been travelling solo since 1996, and it was decided that the isolation and lack of human contact had pushed him to the edge. We ended up camping in Esqual with Frank, his stories and opinions on everything  (i mean everything) were priceless. We decline the dinner invitation and set up the camping stove.

meeting Frank!

Riding two up with all the baggage

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