Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 6 - Uruguay

Spent the early morning talking to 'Large' (and he is a very big man) at the BMW dealer where i dropped the bike yesterday, unfortunately the area the dealer is located had no power, so they couldn't start the diagnostics or repairs until this afternoon, the amazing news (if i understood correctly) is that they can get the part in for tomorrow, if needed....would like to be on the road by the weekend.

Greeted with this news i wandered over the river (Río de la Plata) into Uruguay to Colonia del Sacramento which is in southwestern Uruguay, opting to take the one hour ferry (instead of the 3 hour option) It is the oldest town in Uruguay and a designated World Heritage Site. it was originally a Portuguese colony, then spanish, then Portuguese, then spanish etc etc...
The European influence is evident throughout the old town, it has an incredibly laid back, relaxed feel, polar opposite to Buenos Aires at the moment. While there i decided to try the local speciality dish , the name escapes me know, but minus the egg (personal taste) was pretty tasty, consisting of: salad, potato salad, fries, 2 steaks with ham on top (and eggs on top of that - see pics). 

Nearly missed the ferry to return an hadn't realise that uruguay is an hour ahead of Buenos Aires, luckily, encouraged by the workers at the ferry terminal, i managed to jump over to the car ramp as it was closing...very action film...

would love to translate, but my spanish is still quite poor

City gate and drawbridge 

typical 'old' house

view from restaurant over Río de la Plata

tree lined avenues

the local speciality

1/2 sized tram abandoned on the road

the Basilica of the Holy Sacrament

the year round nativity scene 

typical architecture

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  1. Digging the blog - keep it up mate.

    Good luck with the bike shenanigans. At least your within civilization as oppossed to some Chilean dessert or Columbian jungle. Fingers crossed you get on the road soon.

    Off to Sydney tomorrow. Will toast a beer to 'your travels' from Bondi beach.