Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day 5

Day 5

Miles: 110

Went for a test drive today to tigre, a small town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, apart from the prominently placed Mc Donalds it was picturesque, with canals flowing through and the mandatory barge tours, like the slightly uglier sister of Bruge. However, this was slightly overshadowed as it was here, next to the canal that the bike decided to stop. I wasn't to impressed, and unfortunately didn't take any photo's, apart from the below pic which illustrates my bemusement with the situation...

so upon returning to Buenos aires, i dropped the bike into the only BMW dealer in Buenos Aires (and most of Argentina). Hopefully the will diagnose the problem asap, get it fixed so i can be on my way.

So for the moment i'm staying at Dakar Motos, a biker hostel in Buenos Aires, an interesting place. A mechanics shop in one corner, tires parts and desk in another, partition to the side with 2 bunk beds, a toilet/shower and a kitchenette in the back corner, a mechanics bay beside the kitchen backing onto a common area out the back with a garden of types to camp in. no air conditioning and loads of mosquitoes (that have enjoyed feasting on me), but we have hot water and wi-fi!!

sleeping and kitchen

common area off the kitchen and workshop

Dakar Moto

the workshop

front office

the campsite

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