Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 268/269 - San Francisco - Callstoga - Eureka

Distance travelled (by bike):  40,780

After waiting most of the morning to sort out Matts bike we finally get moving, leaving the sun behind in San Francisco it was a misty ride for the first few miles. 
Cutting off route 101 to get to napa valley. Taking it easy as Matt gets used to his beast of a bike, very different to his sports bike. As we made our way to napa the sun emerged and was soon bathing  us in heat. Stopping in the afternoon to sample the local wines, beers and ciders.

Leaving the joys of Napa behind we drove north cutting across the country to route 1, passing vineyards, huge lumber yards and driving through the redwood forests, it was a fantastic drive. As we neared the coast the temperature dropped and the clouds rolled in. 
The roads to the coast and along have been incredibly twisty, I know at times Matt was struggling, it wasn't until i decided i should try his monster of a bike that i realised why you don't see many Harley riders on the twisty roads. Its heavy and with the low exhausts and foot plates you have to go really steady around the corners to ensure you don't catch them and slide off, tough work.
Joining back onto route 101 it was a short blast to Eureka, Eureka, we were told it was a good place to stay, the juries still out.

the BMW hiding behind a sea of Harleys

mist over the Golden Gate Bridge

Matt posing on his bike

sampling the local beverages 


driving through a redwood

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