Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 261/262 - Baker City - Klamath Falls

Distance travelled (by bike):  39,660

Another huge day riding the trails though Oregon. After a huge breakfast at a truck stop i backtracked a few miles to get back onto the forest trails. Unlike yesterday, when i had views and expanse of space as i drove, today i was defiantly submerged in the forest with only glimpses of the surrounding landscape. amazing riding. Finding some trails closed i had to take some detours, which got me very lost, looking to the gps for options i soon realised that this was a bad idea, as most of the tracks marked on the gps were figments of someones imagination. 
More backroads heading down to Klamath. The plan, to ride through Crater National Park. It was a straight ride through the national forests down to the park, here i joined the highway to get into the park.
As the name suggests Crater Lake is that, a lake in a crater of volcano which erupted 7,500 years ago. At 1945ft (600m) deep its the deepest lake in the US and 7th deepest in the world. The lake itself is 5 miles miles wide, the cliffs surrounding it are 2000ft (610m) high, a hugely impressive sight. The road through the park enables you to drive around the rim of the crater, truly impressive sight. 
After spending a few hours in the park it was back into the forests and heading south. This is when i had to concede to myself that my front tyre was really not good, i knew it was starting to go, but was hoping it would get me further. With the front wheel bouncing as i go round corners and not a lot of rubber left its time to get some more - tomorrows mission. 

open range, cows on the road

crater lake

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