Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 255/256 - Nanaimo - Victoria / Victoria

Distance travelled (by bike):  38,100

I told Graham that i would be up before he left for work - sorry, that didn't happen. From Nanaimo it was south to Duncan from here i cut west across the island. Instead of taking the highway i opted for the logging roads.
If I hadn't get lost i'm sure that the logging roads would have been a quicker route than the actual road. As it was i got very lost, having to retrace my steps several times. Arriving at Port Renfrew i returned to the asphalt twisting down the coastal road, heading through Sooke and Arriving in Victoria.
Victoria is the capital and one of the oldest cities in BC. The city has a distinctly British feel, with large numbers of expats calling it home. The temperate climate limits the temperatures, it hardly ever drops below freezing or exceeds 30(86) degrees. The climate has added to the reputation of Victoria as the 'City of Gardens' due to the huge amount of parks, flowers, hanging baskets and the annual  'flower count'.
A relaxed day being a tourist around Victoria making the most of the sun.

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