Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 251/252 - Campbell River - Ucluelet / Tofino

Distance travelled (by bike):  37,670

I love the back roads to BC map books, they map all the back roads and logging roads in the province. From Campbell river i managed to turn a 3 hour highway drive into an all day event. spending about 60% of the time off road. What the maps can't tell you are the active logging roads, twice today i was stopped and turned around having to go back the way i came due to the logging activity.
Sun shinning i tore through the interior logging roads going miles out of my way zig zagging across the island. 
As i dropped into Ucluelet the mist had rolled in, but having had an epic day crossing the island the evening mist was a good indication it was time to stop for the day.

I met Graham & Graham at breakfast. Both from Alberta, both bikers, both travelled on bikes extensively, great company. Thank you both for breakfast. I was invited to join them on a short hike around the pininsular, before i knew it the day was half gone. Leaving the two Grahams to do their own thing i headed up the road to check out Tofino.
Tofino is on the west coast of vancouver island, surrounded by rainforest it is a mecca for surfers, whale watchers and fishermen, it has a hugely laid back atmosphere. After a stroll around the town i mounted up again and headed back down to long beach. To my irritation some of the beach had been shut by the parks department due to some cougar sighting, driving further down the highway i found parts that were still open.
Long beach is within the Pacific rim national Park, south of Tofino, as the name suggests, its a very long beach. i could see a few surfers trying the rinse that most out of the waves, others huddled in make shift shelters. Although the beach attracts a lot of tourists because of the vast spaces it still manage to feel secluded. A tranquil day on the beach.
Staying in Ucluelet, unbeknown to me i ended up staying at the same place as Graham & Graham, inevitability we headed down to the pub.

graham & graham

long beach

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