Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 258 - Olympia - Richland

Distance travelled (by bike):  38,680

Leaving Olympia it was still raining, heading east the skies cleared, but like Winnipeg, the blue skies are deceptive, it was still bitter.  
The route took me throughout Mt Rainer national park and over the Chinook Pass, (this route is closed through the winter) with dramatic views across to Mount Baker and into the valleys. Descending from the pass into the Yakima valley, the temperature started to raise, at last. The valley is known for been one of the best apple producing areas in the world,  produces 75% of all hops grown in the US and has numerous vineyards and fruit farms scattered around the valley. Taking the most indirect route to Richland weaving through the farmland and eventually the yellow scorched landscape surrounding Richland. The reason for taking this route was to try to take the Oregon trail, hopefully hitting it tomorrow. Graham Mangion (one of the Grahams i met on Vancouver Island told me about it and sent some info, its a 900 mile offroad trail through Oregon, though most of it is not mapped, so i figure that i'll only be doing the parts of it i find.

mount baker

field of hops

apples as far as the eye can see

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