Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 265 - Willows - San Francisco

Distance travelled (by bike):  40,430

From Willows it was straight back into the national forests, i envisaged the drive through the forest to take about 3 hours, it took over 5. I decided to follow some of the designated motorcycle and horse trails, this turn out to be hard work with a fully loaded bike. On one of these trails the bike decided that it had had enough, with the oil pressure dropping, the dash lighting up, the bike cut out, Being no mechanic the only thing i could do was to wait a while for it to cool down, the resume the ride.  Returning to the normal trials to exit the forest. The road out of the forest towards highway 101 was phenomenally twisty, following other drivers who wouldn't surpass the 25mph barrier made the drive infuriating. 
I planned on getting to San Francisco mid afternoon, it tuned out to be evening. Having blasted down 101 as i entered the city the light started flashing again the oil pressure dropped and the bike started to stutter. Nursing the bike to the hotel i got parked up, realising there was nothing i could do to fix the problem i decided the best course of action was to get a beer, cross finger and hope that i can get it back up to vancouver. After all, Matt arrives tomorrow and is going to be driving a Harley up north, if a harley can do it, my bike can! 

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