Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 263/264 - Klamath Falls - Mt Shasta - Willows

Distance travelled (by bike):  40,180

I found tyres at Medford, it was a quick 100 mileseast though the forests. Arriving at Hansen's Motorcycles the bike was taken straight into the workshop, the current job put on hold. These guys are the best mechanics/dealers i have been to on this trip, (for those travelling through Oregon amazing hospitality and service, i even got lunch! While i was waiting for the tyres i met justin, he also rides a BMW F800GS, it turns put that he had done the south and central america trip 18 months ago, so lots to talk about, after talking for a while we figured out that we had been reading each others ride reports online, nice to put a face to the name.
As I was speaking to Justing i realised that i had left my laptop charger at the restaurant i eat breakfast at! After the tyres were fitted it was another quick 100 miles back to get the charger. Charger in hand i set off again, with the wind howling i was riding at 45 degrees to go forward. Having driven about an hour the wind died down, as it did i approached a huge line up of traffic, driving to the front i spoke to the state troopers, i was told that the road ahead was closed due to a huge accident. Debating another route the officer told me that me alternative route was also closed due to dust storms. 
I decided to wait it out, i was told it should be a bout an hour. Having spoken to most of the truckers while i was waiting i soon realised that my milage was minuscule compared to the miles they drive, average of 700 miles a day!
Three hours later the road opened, following police car through the scene of the accident i could see why the road was closed for so long, carnage. 
Leaving Mt Shasta it was raining, meandering south through Lassen National Forest until i entered Lassen Volcanic National Park. I was told that this is a must see, i chose a bad day. As i entered the park the fog descended, the combination of fog and rain made the ride really unenjoyable, the road hangs on to the side of the mountain with loads of hairpin bends, with some serious drops  it was slow going, the further i drove the colder it got. I soon found i was riding with snow either side of the road, the decent was just as painfully slow. Really gutted not to have seen the park, maybe next time! 
Exiting the park it was a wet drive south.

me and justin 

the dust storm blowing in

following the police car 

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