Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 253/254 - Tofino - Nanaimo / Nanaimo

Distance travelled (by bike):  37,900

Heading back across the Island to Nanaimo to see Graham (another one) and Ali, after a brief stop back at long beach to see if the views were better (they weren't) i headed east across the island. Trying to take the back roads as much as possible. This proved harder than I first though, having driven along the backroads i would find that the logging companies had put up gates and fences to keep people off the roads.
After a few false starts i managed to find a road that the gaps between the fence and gate were large enough to get the bike though if i unloaded the panniers. After a couple of hours i popped out near nanaimo, much to the annoyance of one of the logging road workers who blocked the road and told me that i could be fined and the bike seized if i was caught doing that again. i don't know how much of that was the truth, might look into it, but having sized him up i decided to take his word for it and move on, quickly.
I arrived at Graham & Ali's late afternoon, but earlier enough for them to still be at work. When i was waiting i got speaking to their neighbour and ended up sitting outside his house drinking beer with him until Graham got back. 
Fantastic hospitality, i really don't seem like years since we all saw each other. After beer, wine, great food and lots of talk I realised i should let Graham and Ali get some sleep, as some people are still working and they both had to be in the office for 8am.

A very lazy day relaxing in Nanaimo at Graham & Ali's with the two dogs. Having a stroll around town, a quick tour thought some more backroads then back to the ranch. Spending time doing maintenance on the bike, dry some stuff out and a chance to get the small jobs done.
Another relaxing evening kicking back with friends over a few drinks.

graham & ali, about to fall asleep

repairing the bike

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