Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 259/260 - Richland - Baker City

Distance travelled (by bike):  38,940

Woke up feeling horrific, so executive decision taken i rolled over and went back to sleep, and stayed that way for most of the day.
Leaving from Richland i headed to Walla Walla to talk to the national forest services about the fabled Oregon trail. you can only buy the maps for the trail online, they then post them to you. I don't have the time, the national forest service provide free maps of all the trails through the all the forests they manage across the US, amazing resource. Having spoken to the rangers, i plotted my route through the Blue Mountains. Huge amount of trails though the Wallowa national forest, the main arterial route is a gravel track, others splitting off are sand, gravel and faint tracks though the grass. Typically some of the trails differ from the map, either ending early, not joining to each other and others gated shut. 
After 150 miles of dramatic scenery, single track dirt roads and phenomenal riding i emerged onto route 84. A short drive down the road and i arrived at Baker city, a small town nestled between the Wallowa & Umatilla National Forest.

one of the trails heading through the forest

the hills are alive with the sound bike!

the route along the spine of the mountians

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