Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 257 - Victoria - Olympia

Distance travelled (by bike):  38,350

The ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles (US) left at 10.30, i was told to be there at 2 hours before it departed. Tickets picked up i had to clear US customs before the ferry was loaded. Done in less than 5 minutes. BIkes are loaded first and wedged along both sides of the vehicle deck, you have to secure them with a bit of rope, i decided not to bother, instead putting it on the side stand and wedging one of the panniers between the structural girders, much more stable.
The ferry takes 90 minutes, arriving at Port Angeles its another customs check, again, less than 5 minutes. Then i was on the 101 around Olympic national park along the west coast of the US. Amazing scenery driving through rain forests and parks. 
In Aberdeen i was filling up with fuel and sheltering from the rain when i met Eve, being late afternoon we decided to get some food. Eve has a crazy job, growing hallucinogenic mushroom for some pharmaceutical companies (i didn't ask if the companies were legal), apparently big business. Leaving the warm dry dinner it was back in the rain on the highway to Olympia, it was slow going, with the speed limits at 50mph and the highway petrol making their presence very visible and pounding rain it was dark as i rolled into town.

the bike wedged 

house boats in the harbour 

a huge beech tree, over a 6 metre diameter 

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