Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 245/246 - Stewart/Hyder - Prince Rupert/Prince Rupert

Distance travelled (by bike):  36,950

Disgustingly wet day, I can't tell you much about the scenery as the cloud was low, the rain pelting me and the wind howling across the road, so i was concentrating on what was ahead. I don't think i have had weather this bad since southern Argentina. Travelling at what seemed like 45 degrees to counter the wind whilst trying to clear the visor from the spray of oncoming truck was no fun. Head down and get to where i'm going.
I stopped for fuel and food at Kitwanga (Perto canada), having filled with fuel i stopped to eat at the restaurant, they were amazing, taking most of my wet stuff and hanging in the kitchens, near the ovens to dry, I'm sure that they might have broken a few food hygiene rules, but i was happy and they didn't seem to care. It has to be said the food was great - recommended! 
The remainder of the ride to Prince Rupert was pretty miserable,arriving i was relieved to be off the bike. 

Due to the weather the ferries out of Prince Rupert have been cancelled, i was hoping to spend a few days at Haida Gwaii (formally the Queen Charlotte Islands). fingers crossed that they would resume soon. 
I was wondering how to spend a rainy day in Prince Rupert, as there really isn't much to see or do. You have to love the internet and the connectivity it brings, through pure coincidence, it turned out that Michelle (Met her in Nelson, one of BA's housemates) had just got into town for work. Its always nice to see a friendly face in a new place. As she was working the night shift awaiting any medical emergencies that might arise in Prince Rupert we met for a long brunch. 
When it rains it rains, i was soaked! Having wandered around town in the rain, I returned to the hostel to dry off and pack, Michelle returning to the hospital to get some sleep, from the number of self help books in the library she might have a busy night!

Michelle and I enjoying the rain

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