Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 37/38/39/40 - Uyuri & Salar

Day 37 - Its not often that both Shane and I listen to advice, but today we did and instead of trying to ride the bike up to the salt plains and beyond we to booked a 2 day salt plains tour with Tido tours, as we met Tido when washing the bike the pervious day and he mentioned a discount. The day was soon consumed by the menial tasks that we had put off for the last few days, as it was raining this wasn't to much of an effort.

Day 38/39/40 -  The two day tour couldn't happen, so we opted for the 3 day. As fate would have it, the english girls we met in Mendoza along with an Italian had signed up to the same tour, great banter from the start. Setting off from Uyuri in a landcruiser was not how i wanted to travel, however once we arrived at the salt plains i was glad we left the bike.  
The first stop was a train graveyard, where old trains were left to rust, the area was fascinating, and would be even more so for a train spotter. The trains had literally been driven and dumped in the middle of nowhere.
On to the salt flats, as it is currently the rainy season the surface was covered with about 10cm of  water  and the track to access it was pure mud. Having done the standard, must take pics and after a lunch of more lama we headed off to our accommodation for the evening. 
Leaving at 9am the following morning, (although we were told to be ready, and were, at 6.30am) we drove off to sea the geezers, the green lake, red lake and the hot springs, along with some stunning scenery. Reaching 5500 metres above sea level only one of our party (Gemma) was ill due to the altitude, been one of the more vocal of the group, the truck was slightly less vibrant with her illness. 
As they say a picture worth 1000 words...

one of the abandoned trains

one of the many lakes along the way

the salt flats

mandatory pic.

and again


enjoying the salt


the tour group

rock tree


looking toward the lakes and mountains at 5500 metres

lake verde

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