Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 50 - Nasca - Lima

Distance travelled (by bike): 6240

Leaving Nasca at 7am to get to the BMW dealer at lima, thought it would be a quick journey, i was wrong. After a serious look at the bike last night i realised that i really needed new tyres, brake pads and chain and sprockets. After call ing BMW Lima they confirmed they had the parts and could fit them in one day. Bonus.
The journey to Lima skirted along the coast, unfortunately i could hear the sea but not see it as a huge amount of mist engulfed the coast. Arriving at BMW (after a few wrong turns, as the GPS power unit is now not working so depending on maps) i was greeted by Dina and Eduardo, who thankfully both spoke good english. Parking my bike next to all the other international BMW's they had in for service (from Canada, USA and Germany) i decided that it was time for the bike to have a service. Would be done by 10am tomorrow. Excellent!

no wheels, brakes or sprokets

lined next to the Canadian bikes

After sorting out some accommodation and famished i asked if they know a good place to eat, no problem, I was dropped off at an all you could eat restaurant. As i walked in i realised i looked slightly out of place among the suits, but i was hungary. Turns out the restaurant specialised in meat, the all you can eat was a huge buffet of salads to accompany the main event, 14 different cuts of meat, (Ed, for you a small selection: Roast Pork, Rump Staek, Pork Belly, Fillet of Beef, Ribs, the list goes on) as much as you wanted. All slowly spit roasted and served off swords at the table. I had to try them all. I was told that i needed to try the local Peruvian Merlot as the perfect accompaniment, sadly you could only buy the bottle, done…they saw me coming! The best meal in South America to date.
After 3 hours of grazing i waddled back to try and sleep off the excess

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