Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 27 - San Jose de Jachel - Chilecito

Distance travelled (by bike): 3835 miles

Waking up to a phenomenal sunrise, this day would be better! - after packing my tent i left shane at the campsite while i drove for petrol. i returned to find he had been ambushed by a group of latin american Jehovah Witnesses, who were telling him that he alone could have saved Brisbane and his friends from the recent flooding if he followed their ways. Politely declining the offer to sit down and talk, we saddled up and drove off, the right way this time! 

shane with one of his new friends 

50Km up the road a kamikaze bird flew directly into my helmet and promptly died in my lap, bird cast aside, we carried on driving. The road between Guandacol and Chilecito has been, without  a doubt the most stunning part of the journey so far, twisty gravel roads hanging on the side of mountains over looking hugely dramatic valleys. 
Rocking up at Chilecito we parked up and made the call to BMW. They said a truck would be with us in approx 4 hours. Time to wait, turned out it was siesta time, the choice of places to wait during this time are very limited, we settled at a petrol station. After waiting 5 hours nag getting high on the fuel fumes, we rang BMW, and were told, only one more hour. By 9pm enough was enough, we called again. Only to be told the truck had not left yet! but they will be at the petrol station at 9am. A heated conversation later BMW agreed to pay for our accommodation. 
Settled in we went in search of food, the waitress at the bar we choose (not much choice) told us that tonight was the 2nd annual 'Chilecito festival' and it started around 1am. Done we were attending, on arrival its fair to say we were the only foreign people in the crowds. The festival was in full swing, it appeared that anyone in the town with an act could preform on the main stage, resulting in an eclectic mix of performances. The local tradition for the children seemed to be squirting water and foam at people, then throwing flour over them…they got me.

one of the many shrines along the way

the laughing cactus

the wall of stone at the side of the road

following the road

where we would end up staying

and a truck pulls up - is it a sign??

view from the valley we were driving through

looking down into the valley

a common sight on the side of the road

into the valley

and again

the festival

random local singing and local children dancing

covered in flour


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