Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 43 - La Paz (Death Road)

Distance travelled (by bike): 5220

The experience getting out of La Paz nearly killed us a couple of times, traffic lights, stop signs and policemen mean nothing we discovered if you know where your going you just go. I reverted back to London driving and managed quite well. On leaving the city the road rises, we soon found ourself surrounded by snow, this we were not expecting. Dropping back down into the valley it started to rain, this we both agreed was not good, the surface may be tarmac, but it had huge parts missing that once wet were hard to see. This road was more Death Road. We eventually got to the bottom of the valley and the start of Death Road, it was hot! As we made our assent we soon understood why this road has the reputation. Amazing drops, waterfalls falling on the road, rivers flowing over where the road once was and more huge drops. The assent was intense, concentration and some. The only problem were the cyclist, who insisted in staying on the inside, when they should be on the outside. Seeing the blind fear/adrenaline in their eyes as defended towards us it was clear that they would not, and possibly couldn't move the the edge. The gentleman we ended up using the outside whilst the cyclists hugged the inside. In one of these groups were the girls, only one dared wave, went telling her later she could't recall it!
70km and Death Road was completed, back through the snow to La Paz. Shane gets the climb sorted, he's staying in La Paz, I'll be riding solo. To celebrate the Death Road/climbing adventures we join the girls for some drinks, in which can only be described as a horrendous student union type bar. 

death road

looking down on the road

stopping halfway up

looking down

looking back at the road

the snow on the journey to death road

looking down from death road

action shot

looking down from the road

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