Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 33 - La Quiaca - Tupiza

Distance travelled (by bike): 4445

Border crossing! - up early to try and avoid the queues at the border crossing, to find one had already formed. The beauty about riding a motorbike you ride along the outside until the front and find somewhere to park which is made easier with a foreign number plate. As the only 'international' vehicle the office we needed was empty,  we were cleared in less than 30 mins. Crossing the border into Villazon you could see the peoples features and dress change. Welcome to Bolivia. Travelling through the rain across what seemed to be more desert, we ploughed on to Tupiza.
Tupiza, known best for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and excursions of various kinds, though really it should also be know for the huge amount of italian restaurants that populate every street. Finding a hostel we quickly found a local restaurant (not italian) ordered the the only thing on the menu - salad followed by a soup of some kind, flowed by rice, potatoes, some kind of meat. Feeling pretty pleased with ourselves we booked a 2 day horse trek!

                      the border

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  1. 2 day horse trek?! Woooohoo! My favourite!! I'm coming out now to join you. Dan won't come as he's a bit scared of horses (erhem, I mean he's not scared).
    Miss you Joe!
    x Ciara (Dan's blog hacker)