Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 48/49 - Cusco - Nasca (Nasca Lines)

Day 48 - Cusco - Nasca

Distance travelled (by bike): 5892

Setting off in the rain is never fun, but necessary. My original thought had been to get to Nasca over two days, stopping at Chalhuanca for the night. This road must have more corners and hairpin bends over its length than any other in the world. Amazing in the sun, not so fun in the rain! After 4 small river crossings i arrived at number 5 and it was slightly bigger, as i drove to the front of the queue passed buses and truck i saw how much bigger. But already wet and encouraged by the local highway workers i thought i'd give it a go. All went well, just. I misjudged how deep it was, water came over my boot whilst standing on the footpegs, with rocks underfoot the steering was not good. Fearing that the water was going to get into the airbox and up the exhaust i gunned the engine and thankfully made it to the other side, the works started to applause. if they saw my face they would have see it was fear and adrenaline that got me across rather than skill. Soaked i arrived at Chalhuanca, deciding that i might as well carry on off i drove. The road ascended and soon i was driving over what could've been the Scottish or york Moors (in November). It was cold enough to have snow on the ground. After 150 miles, the surrounding suddenly changed, the sun appeared and the rain stopped. Decending from 4000metres to 500 metres is 20 miles i entered Nasca, famous for the Nasca lines. The 450 mile journey had taken over 12 hours!

Day 49 - Nasca (Nasca Lines)

The best/only way to see all the Nasca lines is by Plane. 
The Nasca lines are parallel lines, geometrical figures and other designs etched into the ground by three different groups of people. The Paracas people 900-200BC, The Nascas 200BC-600AD and the Huari 630AD. 
No one know what the lines and symbols represent, most maintain its some vast calendar. Some of the figures represented are over 300metres long and the lines extend for over miles. The figures include:- Humming bird, spider, condor, heron, monkey, dog, person (or as they call it hear 'astronaut') and hands.

Having got the bike washed and had a good look, i really need new tyres (as nearly bald) and sprockets, thinking Lima tomorrow!!

standing next to the trusty plane

some of the lines

the landscape


the person, or astronaut 


the monkey






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