Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 29 & 30 - San Miguel de Tucaman

Day 29 - San Miguel de Tucaman

Distance travelled (by bike): 3835 miles

Day written off - enough said.

Day 30 - San Miguel de Tucaman

Distance travelled (by bike): 3865 miles

BMW said the bike was ready, third time lucky, did i want to test ride it. I decided i would, 15 miles up the road it seemed not such a good idea, feeling horrific i returned to the hostel and the safety of my bed.
In the evening we got chatting the to couple who own the hostel, turn out fernando, the owner, had cycled around the world for 5 years, ending up in Switzerland for a few years before returning to argentina. His partner was german and had taken her motorbike around europe, eastern europe and the balkans for a few years before they met in Switzerland. A really interesting couple and fantastic hostel.
The decision was made, we were leaving to head north tomorrow regardless.

the view looking up the mountain from the 15 mile ride!

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