Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 51 - Lima - Huarmey

Distance travelled (by bike): 6470

Arriving at the BMW dealer at 10 i was informed the bike would take another hour, no problem. When i was hanging about i met a Canadian couple who's bikes were having the engines replaced, they had been waiting a month!
Eventually leaving at 12 i pulled into the hot, sweaty, crazy mess that is Lima traffic. After what seemed like and age (and loads of diversions) i ascended out of the city and into the desert. 
The highlight of the day was been pulled over by two corrupt policemen. As i pleaded ignorance, (which i was as i had no idea why i was pulled over) the two policemen where trying to explain they wanted money. After 20 minutes and when i wrote down their badge numbers they got fed up and told me to go, but wouldn't pose for a photo.
The road ran parallel to the sea, picturesque at times, but for a majority of the time large chicken units lay in-between the road and sea, i must have seen over 100.
Stopping at Huarmey, turns out i was the only gringo in town, and whilst i was eating people wanted to talk, not easy as my spanish is still horrific!!

on of the ruins on the way (it was closed)


sand dunes

one for Goerge

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