Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 34 & 35 - Tupiza

Distance travelled (by bike): 4445

Shane's Birthday!!! - Horse trekking…telling them i had no experience i received a grin. We got introduced to our guide, given the essential cowboy hats so we could look the part and eventually paired up with our trusty mounts. My horse was 'loco'. Soon after setting off we both came to realise that the saddles were not made for comfort. Spending the day meandering through canyons, along cliff side and through villages was an amazing experience, but when we stopped for the evening we were both more than happy, agreeing that an hour earlier wouldn't have gone a miss. We were staying the night in a small village, where one of the locals had prepared dinner, with electricity sparse we ate supper under a dim lamp. Secretly i think we would have both preferred to stand and eat, but formality dictated we sat, so we endured the pain of the bruised bum and sat.
Waking in the morning we found the place we were staying doubled as the village hall, not wanting to disturb a local meeting we waited patiently for breakfast. Breakfast over, the realisation that we had to get back on the horses set in. Teeth gritted we started the second day sight seeing. By the time we finished, in fact after an hour two things were very clear, i prefer my mode of transport to not think for itself and weston's have nurtured and glamourised the cowboy dream.
I was glad to be off the horse, could hardly walk, knees, bum and back all decided to let me know their thoughts on riding, won't be hurrying to clamber back in the saddle.

through the mountian pass 

shane, bandit style 

looking down from the track over the valley 

view into the camp 

yeha, cowboy joe 

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