Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 84 - Bogata

Distance travelled (by bike): 9700

Today was all about getting the motorbike shipped. Arriving at the shipping agents offices, i was told the process would take 4 hours, but knowing from previous experience, i had written off the day. The paperwork took some time, but it really didn't help that my spanish is still poor. Roberto, the agent was excellent and helped with everything. By 1pm, most of the paperwork was done and the bike was safely in the warehouse, after driven it up a make do ramp.
I don't know if i look particularly dodgy, or the anti narcotics police were very bored as they decided they wanted to search the motorbike and all the panniers etc. With 4 police and 2 dogs i emptied the panniers, then every item inside the panniers. At one point i was putting my tent up. After the police got bored or decided they had better things to do they left me, with the papers stamped to repack the bike. 
Papers signed and bike packed i had to pay (cash), that hurt…but the bike is now being shipped to panama at 4am tomorrow.
After most of the day spent in the airport i went for a look around Bogata (historic part) and ended up having dinner with another biker who had done the bike shipping form Panama to Bogata two days ago. 

one of the enormous doors in the historic centre

tiny church

the ramp into the shipping bay 

parked up ready to be shipped

caramelised ants (they don't taste as bad as you think they should)

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  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome.... but do not get shot Mr Jackson.