Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 59 - somewhere beyond Puerto Misahualli

This is the rain forest, torrential rain this morning. Having signed up for a jungle trek last night i asked if it was still happening. I was told this isn't a problem the rain just adds to the adventure! An American/Equadorian couple were also on the trek, setting off in our little motorised canoe i think we all thought we'd capsize, we didn't. Travelling about 15km up river into the jungle we stopped at a 15,000 acre wildlife reservation, this is where we would be trekking, and hopefully seeing some of the animal. As the guides seemed to know where he was going we followed. Thanks to the guide (and a zoom lens) we managed to see loads of wildlife and avoid getting lost, thou at times i was sure we were. As we floated back the rain had stopped, but the river had risen. On returning i started to panic about leaving, would the ferry be working? - i was told it would be, thou i'm sure they had no idea!


the torrential rain


as the rain clears

heading downstream

the largest rodents in the world (stand about 2ft high)


can´t remember the name of the cat, but quite small (it was sleeping, a long way up the tree)


on the river

amazonian parrot

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  1. WOW!!! That looks amazing Jackson! Very jealous here.

    Looks like an Ocelot for the kitty?