Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 70 - Quito - El Bordo (Columbia)

Distance travelled (by bike): 8350miles

Leaving the city early i was heading to Mindo to see the cloud forest. It was raining and i was told i wouldn't see much so i decided against the idea and headed north. An hour later i was crossing into Columbia. Easy border crossing.
I asked the border guards about the route i wanted to take, they immediately dismissed it, apparently through to the east is still quite dangerous for a lone biker and try not ride past 5pm defiantly not at night ! Listening to reason the route was altered. Incredibly dramatic and lush scenery along ruta 25. Heading north i stopped at Las Lajas Sanctuary, a church built into rocks and over a canyon, It is claimed that an apperition of the virgin mary was seen here, since then it has become a tourist mecca. Its really impressive, though the walk there and back nearly killed me!
Back on the bike heading north i wanted to stop at Pasto for the night, but after taking several small back roads weaving up, down, in and out of a the mountains it turned out i had passed it, with night approaching i stopped at the tiny town of El Bordo. 

las lajas

the equator line

looking across the valley from the road

las lajas

las lajas

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