Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 61/62/63/64 - Quito

Quito is the second highest capital city after La Paz, located in a valley at the foot of Pichincha volcano. The old town was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978. The colonial city (old town) is built on top of Inca ruins, Quito was the capital of the northern Inca empire, when the Spanish arrived the city was destroyed. Little know fact, Quito has over 90 churches, the most spectacular is La Merced, which is decorated buy over half a tonne of gold leaf. As this time of year is the start of lent the churches were packed and tourist scowled upon!
Luckily i was with the Ecuadorian/American couple I met on the jungle, having a local to show you where to go and speak to the locals helps. I got introduced to an American couple who run a bookshop in Quito, ended up having dinner with them, where I had to endure a lecture on the rising American immigration to Equacor. All in all a very touristy few days.

one of the many plazas in quito

the presidentual palace

looking towards one of the largest churches

cloister garden adjoining the cathederal, around the outside are the `cells` the monks call home

being a tourist

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