Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 67 - Galapagos (Egas Port & Rabida)

After a relaxing day yesterday a lot was going to be crammed into today, leave the boat at 7.30 and heading to  Egas Port for a hike around the west of the island. Immediately struck by the wildlife and its lack of fear of humans. So many iguanas on the island, fantastic creatures, soaking up the sun getting there body temperature ready to go hunting in the sea. Sealions, Vast numbers of different birds, lizards red sally light foot crabs and loads more.

After lunch we were dropped off to go snorkelling around the cliff edges, swimming with sharks rays and a verity of other marine life. Returning to the boat we sailed to Rabida, this is considered the centre of the Galapagos as it has the most diverse volcanic rocks on the island. Though its most commonly known for its red rocks and beaches.

one of the lizards

sea lion asleep


light foot crab

baby sea lion (less than 4 weeks old)

blue footed boobie

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