Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 72 - Popayan - Cali

Distance travelled (by bike): 8660

I was boiling in my bike gear today…33 degrees, so hot!  still diving up and down the mountain roads dodging trucks and suicidal highway worker. Since i have been in Columbia i have been through over 20 army check points, each one have been amazing friendly and wanted to know where i'm going, they then tell me the best/safest way, i even got an army escort for a few miles today (for no reason)! As i approached Cali the scenery flattened out and either side of the road was mile of agriculture. The Roads into Cali are the most complicated i have encountered yet on this trip, i spent over an hour trying to navigate my way to the hostel, in the end a local on a motorbike showed me the way. Ended up going out with an Argentinian and Norwigian who have been driving through south america and a Japanese biker who has driven from Japan through the americas heading south.

the mountain road


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