Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 58 - Banos - somewhere beyond Puerto Misahualli

Distance travelled (by bike): 7720

I was told that Puerto Misahualli was worth a visit by some travellers i met at the movie in Banos. Why not! The road to Puerto Misahualli is through the start of the Equadorian Amazon.  Having been told that the only way to get to the lodge that was suggested to me was to park at Puerto Misahualli and get a boat 5km up stream. No problem!
My map has not got the best detail,  i turned of the 'main' road towards where i though Puerto Misahualli was, where i was told it should be, after 45km, it wasn't, but i had arrived at a small town on the river with a ferry. I asked the one of the locals where i was, and if they'd heard of the lodge. i was surprised when not only had he heard of the lodge, he worked there, apparently it was 5 minutes down the road, with some persuasion i managed to get him to jump on the back and direct me. Turns out that hardly any guests drive to the lodge, this is because after lots of rain the river rises and the ferry can't operate. To late i was parked up.

looking into one of the valleys

the end of the road!

crossing on the ferry

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