Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 78/79/80/81/82 - Medellin

Distance travelled (by bike): 9150

Days spent waiting to hear the good or bad news from the BMW dealer, i figured that the more i'm physically in the dealers and calling them the more information i will have and the faster the results, but it seems that this approach doesn't work. We are on south American time, it will be done when its done! - this still didn't stop me pacing inside the dealers. I  ended you helping an american biker called vince change his fuel pump and in return got all the gps maps for central america…hopefully i will be able to use them on the bike and not on a bus. 
Suddenly the bar became a mecca for overland travellers, a guy called John from alabama turned up on his motorbike, followed by mike and sandra on their bikes, then two argentinians in a 4x4. regular get together!
On friday  i was fearing the worst i got a call from the garage saying that they have straightened the forks, and have spoken to a client who has the same model motorbike, and he is willing to sell me (slightly inflated prices and in US$) some of the parts from his bike so i can get moving. If this was ok the bike would be ready the next afternoon.The bike would still needs to go to the dealer in Panama to get the other parts replaced, those parts are in stock or on order, and they will be expecting me on the 1st April! . I agreed, went to the bank and paid the man his money…let work commence! although the fix has been expensive, and more still needed in Panama, if i had to replace the forks, braces, etc. it would have been a small fortune, i was quoted,  approx. $5000 US, not including labour! and i would have to wait 3 weeks for the parts.
After what seems like weeks i picked up the bike today, it was even clean! time to pack up and move last. Next stop Bogota, then Panama where hopefully all the problems will be sorted! 

the ruta 40 BMW garage

botanical park

botanical park

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